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Innova Limited is a leading Pan African software development company based in Kenya that specializes in the development of a range of innovative financial software solutions and tools for the capital markets. To this end, we have developed an Integrated Financial Enterprise Solution for Fund Managers, Custodians, Private Equity Firms, Unit Trust Managers and Bancassurance. Our latest cutting edge software technology, analytical, data processing and reporting tools is unrivaled. It enables complete automation and optimization of operations and processes and gives our customers a significant competitive edge by automating & streamlining their operations. Our clients are able to run their operations faster, more efficiently and more securely. Our solutions empower the users by giving them consistent, up to date and rich visualizations of their businesses at the click of the button.

We fully integrate our technology with our customer's existing infrastructure and systems, allowing them to preserve their current technology platforms and build on to them to realize their competitive edge. Further, we are able to automatically draw data from various key sources such as the Central Depository & Settlement Corporation (CDSC), Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), for automatic daily stock and bond prices, Automated Trading System (ATS) for the Broker Export Files and the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) for exchange rates.

Our easy to use, user friendly interfaces, flexible reporting tools and powerful operational and analytic engines give our software the leading edge and afford our customers a leading competitive advantage over their competitors.

We also realize that our solutions might require modifications to better suit our customer's unique operational requirements. In this regard our flexible development team is available to work with our customers to refine our solutions to better serve them. We release periodic updates of our solutions to better serve our customers.

If you have additional special requirements our team is ready to consult with you and design a custom solution that will better suit your requirements. Our rapid turnaround time gives us - and you - flexibility.

Innovative Ideas, Lasting Solutions

What We Stand For

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with our customers to leverage technology to empower them. Your success is our success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of financial software solutions in Africa

Our Process


We meet with our customers and listen to and document the need. We undertake to understand the existing processes and the pain points the customer is feeling.


We use our experience and expertise to design a solution to the problem based on our understanding of the analysis. This is presented to the customers and discussed and fine-tuned.


Based on our design we develop the actual customer solution. Our development processes make use of:

  • Development best practices
  • Quality assurance & testing best practices
  • Centralized source code control
  • Rapid development environment & tools

Quality Control

Our quality control process ensures that quality is built into our solutions. We use the following tools and techniques

  • Documentation
  • Automated Unit tests
  • Automated User interface tests


We deploy the solution into the hands of our customers. In addition to the actual installation this includes

  • Training of administrators
  • Training of users
  • Provision of manuals


We take the actual users through the system, demonstrating to them the features and functionality and ensuring they have a firm grasp of the solution


The review stage is continuous. We will involve receiving feedback from customers with regards to the solution. Where applicable enhancements will be made to the solution and redeployed


As our strategy is to develop a partnership with our customers, rather than a vendor-supplier relationship, we have a continuous engagement process with our customers. We do this in appreciation that as times and the market changes, so should our customers, and therefore so should we in addition to support them.

A dedicated account manager will drive this engagement, and will be tasked with a single task, determining how best INNOVA can help our partners succeed